Mobytown + Data-Animation



Moby is a young start-up working on connecting the public transport system. Together we developed two animations to implement on their website. One explaining the ecosystem of their products in a simple and fun way and the other showcasing the connectivity of their technology. The Animation can be seen here:

tags: 3D, Motiondesign, Animation, Motion-branding, Digital Eco-system


Bottle to Bag


Onemate’s Bottle to Bag

We teamed up with Onemate to collaborate on an animation to illustrate the production cycle their backpacks run through. In the clip you can see the Journey of a Backpack starting from 41 recycled plastic bottles and then resulting in a finished product.

tags: 3D, Motiondesign, Animation, Product Design, Sustainability, recycling

Emma pf

Designers in residence Campaign

Emma Kreativzentrum


We re-designed the campaign for the designers in residence Program of the Emma Kreativzentrum. The goal of the re-design was to make it more relevant and adaptable to a multitude of formats.
The Key-Visual shows three abstract forms representing the three participants every year with a wide range of materials representing the different disciplines of the projects the designers work on.

tags: 3D, Motiondesign, Animation, Motion-branding, Creative-culture

Interactive Spaces

Interactive Installations

Internal research

Body in Motion

is an Installation we created using touchdesigner which translates movement of a body into a digital space, giving you the ability to control its appearance with your movement through hand gestures. This was our contribution to the Quartiersfest

tags: 3D, Motiondesign, Animation, interactive experience, digital installation


With an interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineering and design students, the concept for draw(me) was both developed and brought to life. A depth sensor detects and captures people in the room and their distance to the illuminated surface. The color of the LED wall changes from red (hectic, numerous people) to blue (calm, few people) depending on the movement pattern and the number of people in the room.
The installation was developed within a course, initiated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Pfeiffer and Prof. Dr. Ralph Schieschke.

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Creative After work – visuals from sound

Firat Yildiz invited us to make music and generate visuals from the sound at the creative after work event from emma kreativzentrum in pforzheim. We created four setups for the audience to create musical loop which are in sync enabling them to create music without any knowledge.
We wanted to accompany this idea with generative visuals which can be controlled by the intensity you play the instruments.