motion design

internal work

movement and transformation

we are constantly trying to find new ways to communicate in the digital space. Through the endless combinations of movement and material we identify the perfect way to communicate your narratives.
It can be everything from a physic defying simulation to an abstract data driven generative work. We have a particular interest in weird transformations with a foot in reality.

tags: 3D, Motiondesign, Animation, Simulation, OSL, Material

edith forizs

digital brandspace

edith forizs

transforming fashion

Together with the fashion designer Edith Forizs we (studio w w) developed and implemented a digital presentation form of the fashion pieces and the brand Edith Forizs.
The result is a place that can be used by a variety of devices. On all devices, the environment is rendered in real time and made tangible. The brand and the space surrounding the clothing creates a minimalist, simple and elegant environment around the presented fashion pieces, which interact to influence and shape the space in terms of form, light and color.
The release of this project is expected at the end of June 2021. The website changes from “firstperson controls” on a desktop device to gyroscopic augmented reality controls on a mobile device, depending on the device.

click to visit the website

tags: interactive, webdesign, 3D, Three JS, fashion, Game Development, Modeling



an interactive installation

audiovisual experience

With an interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineering and design students, the concept for draw(me) was both developed and brought to life. A depth sensor detects and captures people in the room and their distance to the illuminated surface. The color of the LED wall changes from red (hectic, numerous people) to blue (calm, few people) depending on the movement pattern and the number of people in the room.
The installation was developed within a course, initiated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Pfeiffer and Prof. Dr. Ralph Schieschke.

tags: installation, interactive, creative coding, processing, arduino


Kunst am Bau, EDGE East Side

Dagmar Korintenberg und Wolf Kipper

movement and transformation

we had the honor to support Dagmar Korintenberg and Wolf Kipper with the architectural visualization for the Realisierungswettbewerb Kunst am Bau, EDGE East Side (2. Phase). The creative lead and the construction were provided by the two and we worked on the visualization of the project.

tags: 3D, Motiondesign, Animation, archviz