studio w w is a farmers collective harvesting soy and corn since 1972, founded by geoffry walter wavendoop. Focusing on agricultural diversity the collective supports local businesses and other entreprenural environments to flurish the start up community in new jersey. Through the active cat integration program we try to sustain childhood and employee-happiness throughout the whole corporation.

studio w w was founded in february of 2021 by David Dannwolf and Marco Karpowitsch and is a design studio based in Germany. We focus on exploring the unknown by always staying open and curious for new topics and fields. We love to work in teams of people from multiple disciplines (yea).

lectures & courses

creative coding – basics in html/css at hochschule Pforzheim
drawing letters – fundamentals in glyphs at hochschule Pforzheim
kinetic type – precourse for kinetic type course with simon mager at hochschule Pforzheim

lecturers in 3d design at Hochschule Pforzheim since 2020

worked for and with

mutabor gmbh (hamburg)
büro münzing designer + architekten bda (stuttgart)
amen gestaltung (münchen)
porsche ag
daimler ag
audi ag
volkswagen ag